It is our goal to improve the standard of care in haemophilia worldwide*, and the ability to efficiently manufacture haemophilia products on a large scale helps us strive to meet this commitment. Biogen has pioneered a first-of-its-kind initiative with the potential to transform the humanitarian aid model for people with haemophilia in the developing world. In 2014, Biogen and Swedish Orphan Biovitrum (Sobi) announced the intent to donate one billion international units (IUs) of clotting factor therapy for humanitarian aid programmes in the developing world. These donations are designed to enable a predictable, sustained humanitarian supply of factor therapy with a goal to improve the quality of care and outcomes for people with haemophilia living in developing countries. As part of this effort, it is planned that 500 million IUs will be donated to the World Federation of Hemophilia USA (WFH) to support its efforts to improve haemophilia care in the developing world.

The lack of access to clotting factor presents an urgent need and important public health challenge: An estimated 400,000 people worldwide are living with haemophilia. The large majority—more than 300,000—live in areas where there is limited access to treatment. Due to the lack of treatment, people with severe haemophilia in these countries often do not survive to adulthood.

As part of the community working with the WFH, we are proud to support the care of people with haemophilia in developing countries.

*Haemophilia products are not commercialised in the UK.

A Donation to Transform the model of Haemophilia Care