Multiple Sclerosis

Biogen has pioneered the development of multiple sclerosis (MS) treatments for more than 25 years. We continue to innovate to advance MS treatment and improve outcomes for patients. Our research is focused on potentially transformative therapies, including the potential repair of the damage caused by MS. Our ongoing research into neurodegeneration and nerve repair will help pioneer new therapeutic solutions that may bring us closer to a cure for MS.

At the same time, we are working with leading academic institutions and MS treatment centres to advance better ways to diagnose, monitor and manage MS. We are also driving advances toward precision medicine by using new technologies to develop innovative programmes and tools to better understand, measure and manage the treatment of MS. Together with our partners, we are working to enable doctors and patients to make more evidence-based, individualised treatment decisions with the goal of improving MS care.

Our innovative research collaborations merge technologies like biomarkers and wearable sensors with real-world data from routine care to generate standardised, high-quality data that may help drive personalised treatment.

We developed one of the world’s largest MS databases to investigate critical questions about this disease, including if there are potential predictors of MS progression, or if certain treatments used early enough may have potential long-term benefits for patients, such as delaying the need for walking aids and wheelchairs or slowing the deterioration of other critical functions. 

The work we are doing today in MS is designed to expand our focus well beyond treatment and is vital to helping us better understand this disease.



Today, our portfolio of medicines helps address the diverse needs people living with MS may have throughout their lives.

We have a robust portfolio of MS therapies with five disease-modifying therapies and one symptomatic therapy. 



Biogen-186751 V2  Date of preparation: June 2023