Drug Safety and Risk Management International

Biogen has a very active drug safety and risk management department with corporate headquarters in Cambridge, USA. Drug Safety and Risk Management International, based in Maidenhead, has responsibility for drug safety and risk management in countries outside of the USA.

The department in Maidenhead organises the collection, safety database entry, assessment and appropriate reporting to regulators of safety information received from Biogen affiliate companies and distribution partners. This involves not only local operational activities but also training and oversight of activities performed by Biogen affiliates in Europe and in geographies as far afield as Japan, Australia and Brazil. This involves a detailed understanding of different international regulatory requirements and, equally importantly, a keen sensitivity to different social and medical cultures.

The department is staffed by both science graduates and health care professionals, who train as safety specialists, and by physicians with special expertise in medical assessment of safety issues. By ensuring the safety of Biogen drugs is monitored to the highest standards and appropriate actions are taken to minimise risks as far as possible, we are contributing to the improved health of the patients who use our drugs.