Biogen strongly believes that collaboration with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) is crucial to discover, develop and deliver innovative therapies that improve the lives of patients. At the same time, we believe that these interactions must be conducted openly and transparently.

As a member of EFPIA (the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) and the ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry), Biogen is proud to endorse and uphold the EFPIA Disclosure Code and the ABPI Code of Practice disclosure requirements. In line with the codes, Biogen has been collecting all payments and contributions made to HCPs and HCOs since January 2015.

These payments (excluding payments to Patient Organisations) will be published in June 2016 on the ABPI’s central platform on their website.

Payments made to UK Patient Organisations will continue to be published on the Biogen UK Transparency page.

Disclosure of Payments Made Prior to January 2015
Aggregate, anonymous disclosure of payments Biogen made to UK HCPs in 2014 are published on the Biogen UK Transparency page and will remain thereon until 31 March 2018 as required by the ABPI Code of Practice.

Individual disclosure of Grants and Donations Biogen made to UK HCOs in 2014 are published on the Biogen UK Transparency page and will remain thereon until 31 March 2018 as required by the ABPI Code of Practice.

BI-PAN-0404b    Date of Preparation:  June 2016

Biogen is proud to work with patient organisations and support their efforts to improve the lives of their members and raise awareness of serious medical conditions.

We are aligned in enhancing patient advocacy and supporting medical research for the discovery of effective therapies. Below is a breakdown of the support that has been provided.

Support Provided in UK & Northern Ireland

Patient organization Project Date of Donation Amount of support
MS Society Sponsorship of MS Life Meeting 26-27 April 2014 £38,500
MS Trust Support towards trading merchandise 2014 £54.18
Surrey Young Carers Funding for carer information days 2014 £5,000
Shift.MS Funding towards running costs 2014 £10,000
Shift.MS Funding for website development 2014 £22,000
Multiple Sclerosis Society Printing costs towards leaflets for newly diagnosed patients across Norfolk 2014 £300
MS Trust Sponsorship of RIMS (Rehabilitation in MS) 19th Annual Conference 6-7 June 2014 £12,000
MS Trust Sponsorship of MS Trust Conference 9-11 November 2014 £400
MSS Trading Limited Donation towards MS Frontiers Meeting 2013 £15,000
MS Trust Donation towards MS Specialist Study Day dedicated to the topic of fatigue 2013 £200
MS Trust Donation towards MS Trust and ACPIN Scotland Study Day for health and social care professionals who have an interest in MS and manage an active clinical case load 2013 £200
MS Society Donation in respect of MS Fundraiser of the Year award 2013 £6,000
MS Trust Support for MS Trust Annual Conference 2013 £30,451

MS Society

Funding for Needs Analysis Project for patients with MS 2013 £15,000

MS Trust

Funding towards Therapist Education Fund for MS therapists 2013 £5,000

MS Society

Donation in response to request from carer to sponsor charity event on behalf of MS Society 2013 £500
MS Society Donation in response to request from employee to sponsor Marlow Half Marathon on behalf of MS Society 2013 £250
MS Society Employee donations raised from MS Week activities 2013 £286.57
MS Trust Support towards trading merchandise 2013 £54.18
MS Society Employee donations from cake sale 2013 £204.23
Multiple Sclerosis Trust Funding towards cost of a survey to evaluate services provided 2013 £14,805
Multiple Sclerosis Society Support for nurse professional education 2012 £308
Multiple Sclerosis Society Donation in response to request from healthcare professional to sponsor participation in the London Marathon on behalf of MS Society 2012 £200
Multiple Sclerosis Society Contribution to costs of Symptom Management Day for Patients 2012 £350
Multiple Sclerosis Society Charitable donation in respect of Biogen employees completion of the 3 Peaks walking challenge 2012 £5,000
Multiple Sclerosis Society Donation in respect of MS Fundraiser of the Year Award 2012 £6,000

MS Society Northern Ireland

Donation in response to request for sponsorship of charity event 2012 £200

Multiple Sclerosis Trust

Donation to the MS Trust Trerapists Education Fund 2012 £5,000

Multiple Sclerosis Trust

1 year funding for employment of charity administrator 2012 £10,000
Multiple Sclerosis Society Support for Sussex MS Nurses Development Group Meeting 2011 £936

Biogen Idec Ltd is proud to support patient care and the education of healthcare professionals through the provision of unconditional grants.

During 2014, we donated £593,911.15 to healthcare organisations.

We also subsidised the cost of education for NHS employees through the provision of £241,064.92 in travel grants and course/conference registration fees.

In addition Biogen Idec Ltd and Biogen Head Offices and Overseas Affiliates engaged the services of 187 UK healthcare professionals in 2014 and paid a total of £382,837.66 in fees.

Sponsorship of Healthcare Professionals 2014 

Number of Individuals Supported 107
Total Accommodation Costs £84,302.16
Total Cost of Registration Fees £38,548.62
Total Cost of Travel Outside the UK £118,178.15

Consultancy Fees 2014 

Number of UK Consultants Engaged by Biogen Idec Ltd. 150
Number of UK Consultants Engaged by Biogen Head Offices and Overseas Affiliates 37
Total Number of Individual Consultants Engaged by Biogen 187
Total of all Expenses Paid  £41,478.11
Total Fees £382,837.66

BI-GBR-0293(2) Date of Preparation March 2015

OPTIMISE: a data capture and management tool to achieve improved pharmacovigilance and develop approaches for stratified medicine in multiple sclerosis (MS)

During a period of consultation between doctors working within the field of MS and industry representatives in 2012-13, it was jointly agreed there was a need for the development of an improved IT tool for gathering and managing large datasets to derive information relevant to pharmacovigilance and stratified medicine in MS. Design requirements for such a tool were identified to involve capture of clinical, patient-centred, genomic, biomarker and imaging data and their secure management and analysis within a low cost, scalable IT environment. Effective deployment of such a tool would facilitate greatly improved treatment for individual MS patients and better inform doctors, the health service and industry about patient needs.

To address this need, a joint project between Imperial College London and Biogen Idec Ltd, named OPTIMISE, has been initiated. The project will be open to additional partners who share the common joint working objectives and contribute to the tool’s development and dissemination to relevant healthcare stakeholders.

The first stage of the project is intended to develop a monitoring and database tool for the characterisation of MS patient populations and their responses to treatment (the “Optimise Portal”) within a 3 year time period. The software infrastructure will be based on the eTRIKS platform with associated hardware, apps and sensors to capture data from clinicians and patients. Initial work will involve piloting the use of the tool (based on design criteria and expert concept input from both partner organisations) within the clinical environment of Imperial College London and other UK clinical academic partner organisations that may be involved. The intended output is a validated, fit for purpose tool that is able to be shared broadly through open release to relevant stakeholder groups. A subsequent, second stage of the project is planned (subject to additional funding) that will involve a much larger number of clinical centres and industry partners for the gathering of sufficient data to enable pharmacovigilance and stratified medicine predictive algorithms to be developed.

An initial workplan has been defined by Biogen Idec Ltd and Imperial College London representatives with the formation of a Joint Project Group for oversight of progress made relative to intended objectives. Outcomes will be disseminated as conference proceedings and on a dedicated website hosted by Imperial College London (

Further information is available from Professor Paul Matthews, Head of the Division of Brain Sciences and Edmond and Lily Safra Chair in Translational Neuroscience and Therapeutics, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London (, lead investigator for OPTIMISE.

OPTIMISE is supported by Biogen Idec Ltd

BI-GBR-0534a Date of preparation: September 2014

Biogen UK Grants and Donations Programme

As part of our commitment to good corporate citizenship, Biogen in the UK provides financial support in the form of grants and donations in the field of MS, for the purposes of either advancing medical education/science, or improving the lives of people with MS. Applications are reviewed (and if successful, provided) in accordance with the applicable UK Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Practice. In accordance with the UK Code, details of each grant will in due course be made publicly available on our website.

Grant and Donation requests can only be considered from not-for-profit institutions/organisations involved in the provision of healthcare related services or patient support. If successful, awards may only be awarded to the institution, not the individual submitting the request. We are unable to consider requests which are linked (directly or indirectly) to the prescribing, purchase, sale, supply, administration or formulary placement of any Biogen product.

Applications are reviewed by our Grants and Donations Review Committee on a periodic basis, comprised of members of our UK Senior Management Team. Your application will be reviewed, and we will inform you of the outcome in due course.

Please click here to download a copy of our Grants and Donations application form. Once completed, please email (with relevant supporting documentation) to

Alternatively, please complete the form and send it with supporting documentation to Grant & Donation Requests, Biogen Idec Ltd, Innovation House, 70 Norden Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4AY.

Grants & Donations 2014

Patient organization Project Amount of support
Bart's NHS Trust MS Nurse - 1 year - Band 6  £46,713.00
North Devon District Hosiptal Administration Support - 2 years part time  £15,055.00
Southampton General Hospital Infusion chairs and pumps  £7,422.00
Darent Valley Hospital MS Counsellor for 1 year  £3,200.00
Basildon Hospital MS Research & Information Evening 30 September 2013  £1,125.00
Royal Gwent Hospital Funding for a fridge £582.00
Royal Gwent Hospital Patient Day 8 September 2014  £520.00
Royal Gwent Hospital MS Co-ordinator 1 year  £26,750.30
Barts and the London School of
Medicine and Dentistry
MS Disease modifying app  £24,000.00
Craigavon Area Hospital MS Nurse Specialist - 1 year - Band 6  £44,867.00
Morriston Hospital Funding for a MS nurse part time  £7,768.00
Broomfield Hospital MS Nurse Funding part time  £3,307.00
Overdale Hospital Infusion Nurse - 1 year  £32,829.00
Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre
(Samson Centre)
Physiotherapy costs  £20,000.00
Hillingdon Hospital Administration Support - 6 months - part time  £2,901.60
Charing Cross Hospital Patient Day 26 September 2014  £30,000.00
Bart & The London School of
Medicine and Dentistry
NEDA meeting 14 March 2014  £5,000.00
Southend Hospital NHS Trust MS Roadshow 7 October 2013  £500.00
Kingston Hospital MS Nurse - 1 year  £23,712.00
Pinderfields Hospital Infusion chairs and pumps  £17,484.00
John Radcliffe Hospital Patient Information Day - 8 March 2014  £1,250.00
John Radcliffe Hospital Tomography scanner  £80,000.00
John Radcliffe Hospital Infusion equipment  £11,301.25
Imperial College Healthcare Nhs Trust Nurse support - 1 year - band 3  £26,029.00
Southern General Hospital MS Nurse & Admin support - 1 year  £51,663.00
Queen's Medical Centre MRI Patient scans  £25,000.00
University of Wales South Wales MS Day 3 July 2014  £2,525.00
Salford Royal Infirmary Infusion chairs x  6  £5,568.00
Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Oxford Gym equipment and audio visual monitor  £3,500.00
Sussex Community NHS Trust Purchase of the publication 'Shrinking the Smirch'  £1,699.00
South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust Year 2 of MS Specialist Nurse post  £28,508.50
Raigmore Hospital Infusion equipment  £1,314.00
St Georges Hospital Newly Diagnosed Day - 21 November 2014  £840.00